Top 6 Strategies for Parent Involvement

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Mr. Johnathan Ruiz
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Parental Involvement
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Middle School/Jr. High
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Many Hispanic parents want to help their children to do better in school, but lack the resources or knowledge of how to do so. And yet parental support is often a key aspect of helping English Language Learner students overcome the multiple academic obstacles they face in school. Latino drop out rates are sobering, with 1 in 3 students dropping out before high school. And yet research has repeatedly shown that students who have strong parental support at home are more likely to earn better grades, graduate from high school, and go on to post-secondary education.
Schools play an important role in both informing parents of ELLs and creating opportunities for them to get involved and participate. They must do so in the context of parents who work long hours and often are intimidated by settings in which they do not speak language. Schools should do everything they can to ease the process. This includes making translation services a priority so that language is not an obstacle for willing parents.
This workshop will also examine practical ways that schools can encourage Hispanic parents to support their children and help them with homework. Many Hispanic parents feel powerless to help their kids because of the language barrier. Schools can be instrumental in showing parents how they can support their kids’ education even if they do not speak English.


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Are all th eparents well-qualified and well-educated in order to attend the workshop? It might happen in my country, Jordan but most of them are workers and they feel busy to come and join workshops. They working very hard to gain living so they do not care about their children getting progressed or not.

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