How to Use Websites to Help ESL Students

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Mr. Arthur Chou
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Academic Learning Company
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Academic Vocabulary
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Middle School/Jr. High
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This workshop teaches how to use social media to promote learning and will share the top ten most useful – and free! – websites for ESL students and teachers, especially in academic vocabulary. The Internet is a tremendous resource for students and teachers looking for second language resources. For teachers, websites can be a source for free lesson plans, ideas for classroom activities, and instructional strategies. For students, online exercises, games, and quizzes can reinforce concepts from the classroom and make learning vocabulary more engaging.

Using websites to learn English is nothing new. Most generation Y ESL students know how to use websites to research (Google, Yahoo), study English (e.g., or as a reference tool ( But most teachers have not yet learned how to capitalize on the medium of social media to optimize student learning. Social Media has gained tremendous popularity in the last 5 years. Studies shows generation Y students spend 66% of their online activity on social media, and an average of 5 hours 35 minutes a day (Nielsen Study, 2010). However, most teachers consider social media as a distraction for their teaching and some school even ban the social media websites form their school computers.

On the contrary, “social learning,” which combines social media with learning, is a valuable development in educational theory. In this session, we will examine websites that focus on social learning for ESL students. We will go over the top websites for social learning and how ESL teachers can leverage social media website to help ESL students learn English and the content areas. We will specifically examine how social media websites can be used to help ESL students acquire academic vocabulary.


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Using websites to learn English is nothing new. Most generation Y ESL students know how to use websites to research (Google, Yahoo), study English.
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